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Daffina is a family-owned company based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. A trio of first-generation Sierra Leonean-American sisters provide oversight for the day-to-day operations of Daffina, LLC.

Travels to Africa, a Sierra Leonean cultural upbringing, and the love for African fabric are the inspiration behind the line. All of our products are handmade with Ankara (wax print cotton fabric imported from Africa) and African textiles. Our team personally handpicks textiles that are colorful, bright and bold.  We are well known for our chic and unique travel bags, accessories and home decor products. 

In Swahili, Daffina means high worth. We develop quality statement pieces that will enhance our customers’ homes and unique pieces to reflect their style. We take pride in sharing our motherland and the beauty of our products speaks to that.


The mission of Daffina is to promote the African diaspora and textiles as we create high-quality travel gear, accessories and décor with Ankara (vibrant and bold prints) imported from Africa with ethical and fair-trade practices. Each African textile is unique as it depicts a story, and captures the history, richness and culture of Africa. We strive to keep their art form and stories alive.


Founded by a trio-of Sierra Leonean-American sisters in 2012. As first-generation Sierra Leonean-Americans, we intend to invest in Africa through our philanthropic efforts, respect our heritage, roots and culture while creating stories with our products and serving vulnerable populations in West Africa, specifically, Sierra-Leone.

Giving Back

A portion of our sales are donated to non-profit organizations. Camp Story is our benefactor for this year. Camp Story is a non-profit organization, which aims to strengthen the wings of young storytellers socially, emotionally, and artistically specifically low income and marginalized youth. Summer camps sessions are currently held in Sierra Leone annually.

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